Automated Integration Testing

Enterprise applications, with increasingly complex and interconnected services, are evolving at a fast pace. The challenge for many organisations is how to deliver high quality applications while limiting their testing expenses. Companies that compromise on testing risk IT failure that could result in lost customers, market share and damaged reputations.

What is needed is an automated solution that accelerates all aspects of testing and leaves in place a repeatable testing framework that can be easily adopted across the business.

Accelerate all Aspects of Testing: Test Early and Continuously

Adept Automation automates and accelerates all aspects of testing for both test preparation and test execution. Adept Automation is also unique in that it can be used to drive testing – i.e. it is not just for regression purposes. This enables organisations to automate testing earlier and then test continuously throughout the lifecycle. Adept Automation will:

  • > Calculate optimal coverage
  • > Automatically generate executable test cases
  • > Create easily extensible models which anyone can use or extend
  • > Automatically generate accurate input data
  • > Enable non-technical testers to create executable tests
  • > Be up and running in weeks
  • > Enable rapid and scalable adoption enterprise-wide
  • > Dramatically accelerate IT change programmes


Adept Test Automation is proven to enable rapid Test Automation that delivers high quality technology applications while reducing risk and saving money. Adept Test Automation will enable your organisation to:

  • > Reduce test preparation time: up to 50%
  • > Reduce test execution time: up to 50%
  • > Produce efficient test creation and test cycles: enabling non-technical users to easily create executable automated tests
  • > Reduce costs: test and fix cycles are minimised so resources can be put to better use
  • > Achieve collaborative Test Automation: enabling multi discipline teams to work together
  • > Ensure scalability: successful adoption with lower cost and risk
  • > Create a reusable testing environment: Leaving in place an automated, easily extensible model for test preparation and execution
  • > Detect defects much earlier in the project lifecycle
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