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About LeftShift

LeftShift is a rapidly growing continuous delivery, testing and software house. We use our years of experience as IT revolutionaries to develop solutions for companies like eBay, Coke, Cisco, Wells Fargo & Jaguar Land Rover. This is not a straight development role as we utilise a number of tools to do the hard work for us! However it's usually necessary to get our hands dirty with some scripting to solve a variety of problems!

Some things we've done:

  • > Designed a full automated testing framework for a client turning over $17bn annually, reducing their testing time by 90%
  • > Developed and integrated a complex HTTP mocking framework to enable one of the largest health insurance companies in the US to develop and test faster
  • > Built an online training and video content platform using open-source MOOC tools & AWS
  • > Implemented a software delivery system for enterprise IBM tools using Docker
  • > Advised on creation of cross-functional delivery teams to improve communication and development practices for one of the largest banks in the US

Some tools / technologies we use:

  • > IBM's Testing, Virtualization and Deployment Suite
  • > Docker, AWS, Azure
  • > Python, Java, JavaScript

About you...

We are always looking for potential colleagues with the following experience & qualities:

  • > Web services / HTTP / REST
  • > Scripting languages (Python, Ruby, JavaScript)
  • > Testing (unit / component / system)
  • > Cloud technologies
  • > Continuous integration
  • > Solution-orientated
  • > Aren’t afraid to say, “I don’t know, but let’s find out!”
  • > Self-driven & curious

If you don't fit all these criteria then we still want to hear from you! More than anything we care that you pass the 'Joel Spolsky' test: Are you smart and do you get things done? So even if you don't necessarily have all the above IT experience, tell us about where you've 'got things done' in other areas! The one thing we do insist on though is the willingness to travel. We work across the US for a variety of clients and as such there is a travel requirement of up to 50% for this role.

What we offer...

  • > Opportunity to get in near the 'ground floor' of a rapidly growing disruptive IT startup
  • > The chance to consult with and make a real difference at some of the biggest companies on the planet
  • > Opportunities to pursue different topics of interest across our business areas
  • > Competitive salary with the chance for rapid career progression
  • > Countrywide (and potentially International) travel, go exploring!
  • > Work from home while not attached to a specific client
  • > An environment free from politics and negativity
  • > A culture that cares about mutual success: our employees, our company, our clients

So if you have some of the above skills, love to travel and get things done, contact us today!