LeftShift and IBM are Tier 1 business partners. We have been implementing IBM solutions for over 5 years. Every single IBM deployment we have done is still in place and was powered by our Adept methodology.

IBM’s Automated Software Quality solutions are industry leading tools for Service Virtualization and Test Automation. LeftShift’s Adept methodology accelerates the implementation of the tools to ensure organisations are able to deliver fast, effective and high quality IT change.

Maximise Your Investment in IBM Rational

Organisations looking to maximise their investment in IBM’s leading Service Virtualization and Test Automation tools use the Adept framework to:

  • > Assess the potential benefits of IBM Rational tools against their organisation’s IT development goals and plan exactly where they should be used to optimal effect
  • > Set up and install IBM Rational tools to ensure effective Service Virtualization and Test Automation
  • > Train all staff on how to use the IBM Rational tools
  • > Create templates so that non-technical users can perform automated testing
  • > Provide rapid ROI on IBM Rational investment, proven to increase project delivery capacity by 100%
  • > Accelerate implementation by up to 50%
  • > Define optimal path for enterprise adoption

Continuous Delivery specialists, LeftShift, are the only IBM premier partner using the potent combination of IBM's Service Virtualisation, Testing, Release and Deployment, and Data Management tools to reduce time to market for large blue chip organizations.

LeftShift Adept methodology specialises in the following IBM tools:

  • > IBM Rational Integration Tester
  • > IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server
  • > IBM Rational Performance Test Server
  • > IBM UrbanCode Deploy
  • > IBM UrbanCode Release
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