Service Virtualization

Today’s enterprise applications are increasingly intelligent, interconnected and deployed across traditional and cloud infrastructures. When deploying new applications, the challenge is often the availability of all components for testing. Many organisations are forced to rely on traditional IT delivery methodology that includes Big Bang testing; bringing all interrelated systems together for one big, complete test. The danger of this approach is that a huge proportion of the project’s risk is deferred until late in the development cycle.

Test Before All Your Components Are Available

Adept Service Virtualization overcomes the lack of availability of interconnected components. It creates virtual IT environments that mimic the behaviour of specific applications and respond with realistic data. Virtualizing dependent applications ensures testing can proceed much earlier in the development process, removing the dependencies on integrated applications and enabling build and test teams to work effectively in isolation, while maintaining standardised practices. The Adept Service Virtualization framework will help to create understandable, virtual services, applications or entire systems. Using IBM’s Rational Test Virtualization Server, Adept Service Virtualization will:

  • > Identify precisely where Adept Service Virtualization will bring the most value to an organisation
  • > Use Record and Playback to monitor the system in action and build virtual components by listening to the network traffic of the service that requires virtualization
  • > Create multiple virtual test environments with easy to use templates enabling users to customise the responses they want to support their testing objectives – code free
  • > Allow users to easily switch back and forth between the real component and virtual components while testing
  • > Identify integration defects earlier in the lifecycle and accelerate root cause analysis


With Adept Service Virtualization, there is no need to wait until all the components are available and deployed to begin end to end testing. Adept Service Virtualization will enable your organisation to:

  • > Reduce test bottlenecks: test faster and earlier
  • > Enhance software quality
  • > Decrease dependencies on third party software and external teams
  • > Reduce project risk
  • > Avoid late stage, big bang integration issues
  • > Reduce overheads for test environments
  • > Increase ability to perform standalone platform testing – for both functional and performance testing

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