Executive Leadership

David Silverstone (Co-CEO, Delivery & Solutions)

David Silverstone is the co-founder and joint-CEO of LeftShift IT. LeftShift's primary focus is helping organizations to automate and streamline Change Delivery, while increasing quality and improving time to market.

David is an enterprise architect & delivery manager with over 20 years experience delivering major change programmes for both blue chip and SME companies. During this time as a 'fixer' the same bottlenecks were encountered repeatedly, which constrained the seamless delivery of change, leading David to create and develop the 'Adept' framework for IT delivery, used by LeftShift today.

Mark Smith (Co-CEO, Commercial)

Mark Smith co-founded LeftShift with David Silverstone to help large companies resolve bottlenecks in the SDLC and reduce time to market. Mark understands how to deploy innovative intellectual property, sharing know-how with customers through long term partnerships.

Ed Nesbit (COO, US General Manager)

Ed began his Technology career 20 years ago as a Software Tester with a Big 4 consulting firm and progressed to several international roles with a global financial institution.

During this time, his roles have included Global Head of Testing, Chief of Staff (IT and Operations), Head of Integration (Latin America), Program Director, and VP of Operations where he has been a driving force on complex programs that deliver business value, on-time and on budget. He has extensive experience in Financial Services and Healthcare.

Practise Leaders

Mary Johnston (US Solutions Director)

After 10 years in the US Air Force specializing in Logistics, Mary moved into the Financial Service world, where she has spent over a decade working in operations. She shifted into IT, spending a few years in development, and then moved on to software quality, testing, and release management prior to retiring and making a new career in consulting.

She now spends her time applying her knowledge and experience for Left Shift IT’s client base.

John Harris (Head of DevOps & Continuous Delivery)

John has been leading DevOps initiatives at enterprise change consultancy LeftShift for around 3 years. He has been lucky enough to travel all over the world meeting great people and enabling Fortune 500 companies across high-value, high-risk industries to recognise opportunities for process optimisation and increasing quality across their organisation.

John is also a certified Docker advanced practitioner and currently spends his time playing with Docker, Python and Go for various open-source projects. He is a contributor to the Docker Engine and Docker Compose open-source projects.

Steve Richards (EMEA DevOps Lead)

Steve is an experienced Solution Architect having worked for 20 years in the Agile, Consultancy, DevOps, Payments and QA spaces. He has worked on large integration/transformation projects aswell as multiple outsourced managed services. In his current role he is focused on enterprise solutions which include Docker, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Native Platforms, DevOp Assessments and Implementation, Process Improvements and Test Data Management.

Sales & Marketing

Adam Olson (US North Sales Director)

Denis Mink (US South Sales Director)