Test Data Management

Organisations spend up to 50% of their IT test team effort on finding or creating test data. Even when data appears to ‘work’, unless the test team are domain experts, it can still yield false positives and negatives. Additionally, availability of testing data can be an issue. Test data availability and accuracy problems can result in lengthy project delivery delays, additional costs and ultimately poor quality technology being delivered. What is required is a holistic understanding of an organisations data landscape.

A Complete End to End Data Landscape That is Available 24/7 for Testing

Adept Data captures and maintains a holistic understanding of the end to end data landscape per customer or domain. It also holds a record of exactly what data is kept in each database and the complex relationships between them.

Key capabilities of the solution include:

  • > Defining exactly what data resides where within the organisation
  • > Calculating the key data attributes required for testing e.g. account type
  • > Mapping key data attributes to what actually exists in the testing data environment
  • > Creating functionally intact and secure data subsets for each individual domain
  • > Automatically generating input data required to run these tests


Adept Data works seamlessly with IBM’s leading Service Virtualization and Test Automation tools and will enable your organisation to:

  • > Accelerate test data preparation by up to 50% or more
  • > Access quality test data 24/7
  • > Acquire 100% accurate test data which works correctly in the target environment

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